Mud Shirts and Accessories

This is what you came here for. We offer an assortment of shirts to expose or cover up as much as you want. From mudding t shirts to tank tops, we have got you covered. We offer shirts for both men and women.

Men’s Mudding T Shirts

You’re a dirty boy – at least that’s what she said. You want shirts that not only acknowledge this fact, but proclaim it to the world. One of our mud shirts is the best way to get this message across. Wear your hobby on your sleeve (literally) and never look back.

Women’s Mud Shirts

Some people claim that women are the fairer sex. Thank god you never got that message. You enjoy playing in the mud with the boys too, so we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection and pick whichever of these mud shirts work best for you.

Hats and Accessories

Maybe it’s not a shirt you need right now. That’s OK, we have more to offer than just mud shirts. We also offer hats to remind anybody who may have forgotten that you have the fever. We also sell an assortment of vinyl decals to make sure any tailgaters get the message as well. Finally, because sometimes even common sense sometimes requires a sign, we also have a warning placard for your vehicle. After all, no matter how obvious it might seem, it helps to warn people that touching your truck will lead to a whoopin’ they won’t soon forget.

Mud Shop

We Are...

...three generations of outdoor enthusiasts who love to drive big trucks and ATVs and just plain get dirty. If it has knobies then we’re digging it! Mudjams, mudruns, whatever your passion, we share it with you!

Drive dirty, run dirty and play dirty!

We design and print our shirts, hats and stickers in house. We are always looking forward to getting feedback from our fans and are excited to hear what you think about our products. Tell us your ideas for what Mud Fever apparel you would like to wear.

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