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If you’re looking to add a little bit more to your ensemble than just a mudding shirt, we also maintain an assortment of hats and accessories for both you and your vehicle. Check out our shop, and get yourself a hat that proclaims your condition to the world… or even just a warning to stay the f**k away from your truck.


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Mudding Shirts for Those Who Like to Get Dirty

Multiple Styles for Multiple Types

Most people look at a deep pit of mud in the road and immediately look for a way around it. When you look at that same pit of mud, you think “I bet my truck can get through that.” You love mudding, you live it and breathe it. You have spent countless hours and dollars on tuning your ride so that it positively swims through the thickest of pits. Where lesser folks would get stuck and have to pull their vehicle out with fifteen of their buddies and a rope, you dash through to the end and have the dirt caked on your headlights to prove it.

You are proud of your mudding hobby, and you want the clothes to celebrate it. We get that, and so we have provided a wide range of mudding shirts to let the world know you have the fever, and you aren’t looking for a cure.

Not all mudders are the same, and you have a style that you want your clothes to reflect. As such, we maintain a wide variety of shirts to make the statement that you want to make.

In recognition of the fact that ladies like to play in the mud just as much as men do, we make sure to offer multiple styles to fit both sexes.

atv mudder wearing mudding apparal

We Are...

Drive dirty, run dirty and play dirty!

...three generations of outdoor enthusiasts who love to drive big trucks and ATVs and just plain get dirty. If it has knobies then we’re digging it! Mudjams, mudruns, whatever your passion, we share it with you!

We design and print our shirts, hats and stickers in house. We are always looking forward to getting feedback from our fans and are excited to hear what you think about our products. Tell us your ideas for what Mud Fever apparel you would like to wear.

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